Hydraulic Jars


Bi-directional in their capability of delivering an impact up or down, the Hailey Jars and Intesifiers enhance fishing operations. Available in sizes from 1-13\16” through 2-7\8” OD, in both the fishing and drilling designs.

Hydraulically actuated with the application of overpull or set down weight. Jars and intensifiers should be run when at all possible with weight bars between the jar and intensifier to allow maximum impact / impulse at the fish or stuck point. ID through the 2-1/4” and larger jars enables the use of a ball actuated hydraulic disconnect below the jars.

The Hailey Bi-directional Jars and Intensifiers can be run in a standard rotary operation, snubbing, or coiled tubing applications. The very short overall length is highly conducive to situations where lubricator length is highly conducive to situations where lubricator length in coiled tubing operations, or BOP height in snubbing operations, is limited due to safety or crane limitations. High torque through capabilities allow the jars and intensifiers to be run in conjunction with both surface rotary and downhole motor applications.