Mills & Crossovers

Negative and Positive rake Clutch Mills 

o We have had great success drilling composite plugs with this mill on a downhole mud motor. This particular style of mill has also proven to be an excellent mill for drilling cement with tubing.

Bear Claw, Chomp, Hurricane Mills
o This particular style of mill has proven itself as a good, consistent, cement cutting mill. With the proper downhole weight, this particular style of mill can be run on a downhole mud motor or on the Bottom of a Hailey Underreamer as a pilot mill.

Bull Nose Mill
o We have had very good success using this particular style of mill as a pilot mill on the bottom of a Hailey Underreamer when dressing the top of tubing in certain downhole applications

• Sharks Tooth
o We’ve found this style of mill to be good for cement with trash or churt stringers in it, as well as for some composite plugs. Cutting can sometimes be inconsistent due to tooth placement. With proper tooth placement, this is a very good, aggressive mill.

PDC and Diamond Mills
o This is a most dependable mill to run cutting steel plugs, packers, windows, and the most consistent and successful mill for the removal of barium scale

Blanks and Mill Dressing
o We machine our mills in house and have the ability to redress tungston carbide composite, inserts, buttons, diamond inserts and PDC