Rotating Index Tools

Rotating Index Tool Operation Prior to shipment, the Hailey Rotating Index Tool has been carefully examined to assure that it is properly assembled and tested for proper rotation. The tool should be inspected on location to determine if any damage has incurred in shipment. Check all threaded connections toassure that they are made up to Hailey Specialty Tools specifications. Do not tong on the threaded connections; tong at least 4″ from the joint. Assemble the Index Tool in the string above the tool needing to be rotated. Pump pressure and tool weight below the Index Tool will stroke the tool to full open position. To start initial rotation, decrease pump rate and set down proper amount of weight on Index Tool. The rotation may take from seconds to several minutes, depending on down hole conditions. The variables that can affect Index Tool operation are depth, amount of weight able to set down, down hole temperature and mechanical condition of the hole. For example, when a deviated hole prevents sufficient set down weight on the tool rotational torque will decrease dramatically. The inverse is also possible and limited amount of pull will not stroke Index Tool to full open position. Pump pressure can be used to stroke Index Tool to full open as long as pressure is within specifications. Weight measurement at surface is not necessarily what is being exerted on the Index Tool. The operator should use caution in applying set down load and not exceed recommended indexing weights. Especially on the set down, the tendency is to speed the action by applying additional load. Determine the maximum safe working load for the Index Tool (Refer to Index Tool spec data), and never exceed this load during operation. Hailey Specialty Tools Rotating Index Tools will shear the rotational balls and stroke freely if set down max is exceeded. The Index Tool will not be operational after this safety feature has occured.

The torque, and the relative speed of rotation is controlled by the amount weight set down on the Index Tool. After a stroke has been made, the same steps are taken for another rotation. Hailey Index Tools do not have a neutral position. Several rotations per minute, at any desired intensity, may be run, even in a deviated hole.