Tubing Casing Cutters / Tri-Cutter

Tubing Casing Cutters / Tri-Cutter Description:

Hydraulically actuated the tubing\casing cutter allows the capability of running through small diameter restrictions and cutting larger inside diameters. Tools range in size from the 1.7” OD capable of cutting 2-3/8” and smaller to the 3” OD capable of cutting 5-1/2”.


Configuration Three blade configuration is self centralizing enhancing a full cylindrical cut even when operation is initiated on the “low side” of the hole. Blade deployment and size are capable of cutting through the collar OD should depth correlation be difficult to establish. Knives may be of tool steel, tungsten carbide or machining inserts, to cut the more exotic tubing with metallurgic properties such as chrome.


Applications The Hailey Hydraulic Tubing cutter can be run in a standard rotary operation, power swivel, or on coiled tubing in conjunction with a high torque motor. Elimination of conveyance tubing movement during operation is necessary, particularly in coiled tubing operation. Premature wearing or breakage of the cutters can be prevented through restriction of tubing movement. This can be achieved with the incorporation of a Hailey Hydraulic Anchor or proper placement of a tubing type stop in a profile close to the cut.